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Volunteer and gain insight into social and community development while learning about the culture, customs and many challenges faced by local people. You will become part of the process of change! You will be part of a team that works continuously to bring social change to local communities. We partner with a number of charities, NGO’s, Government Departments and community groups that all seek to improve people’s lives and communities. The Community Development project is all about ensuring local people actively participate in and benefit from good governance, economic prosperity, sustainable environment and social well-being. There are two roles focusing on two different areas of community development:

The Volunteers on the Social and Community Development Project help local projects deliver basic services, organise community events and promote sustainable development.  Community Development volunteers are part of a process to build better communities in Jamaica. Our local partner organisation is a community development agency working within the Jamaican society to ensure that local people actively participate in and benefit from good governance, economic prosperity, sustainable environment and social well-being. The organisation works in four key areas: Community Development, Research, Sports and Governance.  In the past, our volunteers have organised health fairs and employment workshops, as well as community cricket matches and other bonding activities.

On the Business and Community Development volunteers support be helping these communities get their initiative or business off the ground by sharing your business knowledge. Many small businesses and local projects frequently fail because they lack support in fundamental business assistance. Volunteers support with basic book keeping and admin, writing reports and creating business plans along with low cost promotion such as setting up social media and helping design business cards is particularly needed.


This is a perfect project if you are interested in entrepreneurship and business. Also ideal for volunteers who have skills sets in business, marketing, finance, social media, management.

Business & Community Support

Your role is to provide support to local businesses

You can assist with a variety of tasks:


  • Write business plans
  • Create marketing plans and templates
  • Create workshops for Capacity training; finances, perfect pitches
  • Conduct Business Consultation, providing advice, guidance and feedback to entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Create website or key business documents

Social & Community Outreach

Your role is to support local communities

You can assist with a variety of tasks

  • Assist with the organization and planning of community events and fairs
  • Research and write proposal for community needs
  • Carry out community visits and conduct assessments
  • Assist with community outreach projects
  • Support local NGOs, charities and community groups with administration



If you are looking to get a real sense of Jamaica, this project is perfect! You will be working with different NGOs, charities and community groups all working towards bringing positive change and social welfare to rural communities in Jamaica.

Key Information 


  • Jamaica
  • Tobago


  • 18+
  • Good interpersonal skills

Start Dates

1st & 3rd Monday of every month

2nd & 4th Monday of every month



1 to 4 weeks 

I had always wanted to visit the birthplace of my grandmother but it had never happened, until now. I wanted to give back during my first visit to the country. During my time there I was able to facilitate training in Social Entrepreneurship to small business owners in St Mary’s parish.  It was great to see the amazing products women and young entrepreneurs had developed and also the wider support that other volunteers  had provided to their businesses. I believe in responsible travel and the idea of sitting on a resort and not giving back is of no interest to me. V2 allowed me to experience the real Jamaica while being able to share my skills. I will be heading back to Jamaica soon to support the implementation of a youth mental health project with V2 and am excited to see where this will go. I would advise anyone who is wanting to travel and see the real Jamaica to take up a volunteering experience, you will not regret it.


Naomi Mwasambili,

Business & Community Development, Jamaica

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