Volunteer in the Caribbean 

Eager to create a profound impact? Join us in the Caribbean, spanning two incredible locations—Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago—and become a catalyst for positive change. Whether you are passionate about community development, education, or environmental conservation, your contributions hold the power to effect real change here. Seize the chance to forge deep connections with local communities, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, and craft a legacy that endures. Take that step today and become the change you aspire to see in the world. Volunteer in the Caribbean and let your journey leave an indelible mark.


Discover the natural beauty, vibrant culture and tropical rhythm of Jamaica. A top destination for beach lovers delivering sun, sand and sea. However, life for the average Jamaican is quite different. 


Discover the tropical paradise Tobago, the smaller sister island of Trinidad, which forms the republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Delve deep into the local culture and give back by supporting organisations in need of a helping hand. 

Support Community

Local Development is key to our ethos. We ensure that your money is spent locally and that our projects are sustainable and fulfil a real need in the community.

The Local Way

Explore, engage and immerse into local life. Our local knowledge, training sessions, and 24-hour support enable you to safely discover the Caribbean the local way!

Your time counts

Volunteers support in practical ways! By working with partners who tell us their needs. Together we make sure you make a positive contribution.

Experience the Caribbean

A V2 Experience is all about good vibes, tan lines and giving back!  

Leave a positive impact on local communities and learn about the Caribbean.

Local Connection

At V2, we believe in a travel experience that connects visitors with hosts, showcases local heritage and culture, and supports local communities. Our travel experiences appeal to a wide range of people including young professionals, students, and travel groups.

Travel with a Difference

Our partnerships with local charities, NGOs, schools, community groups and shelters. Enable us to offer meaningful volunteering opportunities. In turn, volunteers enjoy an enriched and rewarding experience all while giving back.

Volunteer projects


Provide care, love and attention to abandoned, neglected and injured animals. Volunteers with veterinary skills assist local vets with medical procedures and treatments.


Support NGO's and local businesses by sharing your knowledge and experience. Your help can assist with business plans and operations.


Volunteers become champions of wellbeing and mental health crafting techniques, facilitating group discussions and engaging in one-to-one conversations on key topics.


You will play an active role in sharing, teaching and caring for children at local schools. From enrichment to session planning, volunteers can choose to work with children aged 3 to 12 years old.


Teach a range of sports and physical activities to local children and inspire the next generation of athletes! Foster a sense of team spirit and promote healthy lifestyles in the next generation.


Whether as a group or solo get creative and develop your own project! Set up a workshop, organise a health fair or run a sports camp, the choice is yours!

  • Community Impact 95% 95%
  • Local Business Development 60% 60%
  • Animals re-adopted 10% 10%
  • Children’s Fitness levels 70% 70%
  • Local Economic Growth 40% 40%
  • Sustainable Development Goals 100% 100%

I volunteered on the Community Development project in Jamaica after just having graduated from a degree in Anthropology of International Development. During my time volunteering I participated in research, helped with workshops, trainings, events and worked at literacy centres helping young people learn basic literacy. This experience was great for learning about Jamaica and how social development works in reality. Fast forward to  now am a consultant for the World Bank in Jamaica, through the connections and experience I gained through volunteering.

Cecilia de Santis, Jamaica

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