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Experience the Caribbean

Feel the rhythm of the Caribbean! Join us for an amazing volunteering experience on the islands of Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago. Discover their natural beauty and stunning landscape while supporting a community project, connecting with local people and giving back.

V2 partners with community-led sustainable projects to offer volunteers enriching, meaningful and rewarding experiences coupled with an authentic Caribbean vacation.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world with varied skills, experiences and educational backgrounds. Make your next holiday count!


International volunteering in particular is truly character building as you are so far from your comfort zone and you have to adapt to whatever comes your way. I have learned and experience a lot through volunteering which I will never forget and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for their next challenge!

John C

I have found volunteering an extremely valuable experience in developing my skills and employability. Volunteering benefits the volunteer, the organisation and community you are working for. It allows you to give back whilst developing personally.

Nayo H

Volunteering in Jamaica through V2 was perhaps the best decision that I made! The staff were very pleasant and always ready to assist me even through the process of getting enrolled in the program. I believe that my extensive volunteer experience through the community development program, really gave me the hands on experience I needed. I was able to not just volunteer in a field that I was studying while in college, but also garner profound life experiences.


Jamaica was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. Fantastic and friendly people, amazing food and music in every corner. It never gets boring.

Sherie F

Thanks to V2 I had the possibility to live real Jamaica through the experience of volunteering. The training before my departure had been truly helpful. The accommodation and the job have been very well organized. My experience in Jamaica has been 100% positive, both for my personal and professional growth. I found myself completely comfortable in living with local people and I enjoyed every part of Jamaican life, from the music, to the food.

Cecilia D

It was an incredibly useful experience both for my personal and professional development. I really enjoyed my time in Jamaica because I was able to truly immerse myself in Jamaican lifestyle and understood the particularities of the country and people. I am planning to go back there as a paid employee.

Reni Z

Our V2 Experiences

Key Information

2 to 8 weeks

Local host family or guesthouse

Meals included:
Breakfast & dinner (adapted to dietary requirements​)

V2 approved taxis and buses to and from the airport

Animal Care, Marine Conservation, Community Development, Equine therapy, Teaching and Veterinary Medicine

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