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Why volunteer & vacation

Why take a volunteering vacation?

Little else can enhance the learning experience like a volunteer project abroad! Volunteering naturally brings out your confidence and independence, while offering the opportunity to learn and have fun.

Whether you are most interested in the work experience or simply the adventure, volunteering with V2 will bolster your academic credentials with invaluable first-hand involvement in the communities on the stunning islands of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Life Experience

A gap year does not have to be a year long. Two weeks can be all it takes to gain insight into a country and its people. Not only will the experience you gain overseas be life-enhancing, but you will develop invaluable life skills and knowledge to boost your professional prospects.

2. A Unique Opportunity 

Combining a volunteering experience with a vacation gives you the best of both worlds: you will delve deep into local culture and support local organisations whilst experiencing the islands that bring millions of tourists every year

3. Make an Impact 

We partner with local organisations to ensure V2 volunteers make a positive impact. Find out more on how you are supporting local communities (Link to how you contribute

4. Feel Supported 

Whether you are an intrepid explorer or new to independent travel, always travel with trustworthy, reliable operators. As specialists in creating short-term placements, V2 offers pre-departure and ongoing support. We are on hand for information, advice or help so that you are never stuck.

5. Explore a Caribbean Island

These small, renowned islands offer amazing attractions, extraordinary scenery, and a vibrant culture.  Most visitors stay behind the walls of large hotels chains, reluctant to experience the real Caribbean. The V2 experience allows you to get to know Jamaica and Tobago off the beaten track.

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