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Sometimes people need to do something different, take a break from their daily routine, or stop for a moment and take stock of what they want to do next.

V2 can help! Rather than staying behind the walls of hotel chains, the V2 experience allows you to get to know Jamaica and Tobago off of the beaten track. You will partner with local organisations to make a positive impact, combining a rewarding volunteering experience with a vacation in two of the world’s natural paradises. We encourage professionals to volunteer so that they can use the skills they have gained in the workplace to help our partner organisations achieve their goals, and to further their own professional development by learning from their Caribbean colleagues. 

We strive to ensure that all of our volunteers get the best experience possible and that all of our partner organisations have the resources they need to succeed.  We ask all of our volunteers to fill in a short questionnaire about themselves so that we can tailor their V2 experience.