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Volunteer & Vacation in Trinidad & Tobago

V2 Trinidad & Tobago

The V2 Experience Trinidad & Tobago

Discover the Caribbean Bliss

Discover the tropical paradise of Tobago, the smaller sister island of Trinidad, which forms the republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Relaxed, beautiful and friendly are three words that best describe this pristine island.  It’s a nature lover’s utopia, home to one of the world’s oldest protected rain forest and to the infamous leather back turtle.  Aside from lush greenery and wildlife, Tobago offers a welcoming smile and a pulsating cultural experience. Volunteering in Tobago allows you to connect with local people and truly immerse yourself into local life.


  • Trek through one of the world’s first protected rainforest
  • Support local projects deliver basic services
  • Relax on stunning beaches, swim in crystal clear waters
  • Feel the rhythm of the steel pan, dance the night away at the island’s largest party

Through our combined volunteer and vacation experiences volunteers will gain an understanding of how local organisations work and have the opportunity to contribute their skills and ideas to the projects, whilst immersing themselves in a new way of life. With V2 you will be able to explore the island and enjoy its natural beauty and vibrant culture.

The V2 Tobago Experience is a perfect combination of volunteering and vacationing in the Caribbean. Our specialized travel experience includes everything from your meals, accommodation to tours and fun activities. You can join us for 7, 10 and 14 days.  If you have already planned your Caribbean getaway but want an alternative activity to add to your itinerary just let us know! We can offer one day volunteering activities and cultural immersion tours. 

You can choose from the following volunteering projects:

  • Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is a fascinating way of improving emotional and physical confidence often used to help people with disabilities and traumatic experiences. Through interaction with trained horses, people build trust and an emotional connection. This bond helps participants develop healthy relationships, ease physical pain, and improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities.

  • Teaching

Volunteers provide much needed support to local teachers and students, giving one to one attention to students falling behind the curriculum. Volunteers also organize and lead interactive workshops for children to learn and play.

  • Animal Care

Volunteers provide love and support to abandoned and ill-treated animals. The volunteer’s attention and care aid animal recovery. Volunteers assist with the adoption process and community outreach programmes.

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