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Volunteer and Vacation in Jamaica

Volunteering in Jamacia

The V2 Jamaica Experience

Feel the rhythm of the Caribbean

Jamaica bursts with exotic flavors, natural beauty and cultural vibrancy. A top destination for beach lovers, the island delivers on sun, sand and sea. However, beyond the beaches, life for the everyday Jamaican is a different picture. Despite a booming tourism industry, most of the wealth never trickles down where it is most needed, leaving many locals living in abject poverty.

Taking a volunteering holiday means your time and money are well spent! Your time and skills support local projects providing much needed services to the local communities. Your money trickles down to the local economy through small businesses such as restaurant, hotel and taxi services we employ.


  • Be part of a process of change by supporting a local organisations in achieving
  • Immerse in local culture, learn how to cook and dance, sample exotic flavors and rhymes
  • Make lifelong friends, connecting with local people and fellow volunteers means you are bonding through an immersive learning experience
  • Discover the local way! Explore local attractions and off the beaten track hot spots

By volunteering you truly connect with local people, immersing into the culture and learning what everyday life is like, yet you still get to enjoy the natural beauty and charm because after all you are still on holiday!

The V2 Jamaica Experience is a perfect combination of volunteering and vacationing in the Caribbean. Our specialized travel experience includes everything from your meals, accommodation to tours and fun activities. You can join us for 7, 10 and 14 days.  If you have already planned your Caribbean getaway but want an alternative activity to add to your itinerary just let us know! We can offer one day volunteering activities and cultural immersion tours. 

Jamaica looks every bit as beautiful as the postcards – white sand and blue seas. However, V2 experience allowed me to see below the surface of this picturesque island…I have come home with so many stories, and new perspectives.

The safety and security of our volunteers is V2’s highest priority. Prior to departure we provide you with an orientation day where we cover basic training, with a focus on health and safety issues covering all aspects of the V2 experience. Once on the islands, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have local staff on call to support you.

You can choose from the following volunteering projects:

  • Social and Community Development

Volunteers help local projects deliver basic services, organize community events and promote sustainable development.  Community Development volunteers are part of a process to build better communities in Jamaica.

  • Teaching

Volunteers provide much needed support to local teachers and students, giving one to one attention to students falling behind the curriculum. Volunteers also organize and lead interactive workshops for children to learn and play.

  • Animal care

Volunteers provide love and support to abandoned and ill-treated animals. The volunteer’s attention and care aid animal recovery. Volunteers assist with the adoption process and community outreach programmes.

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