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Volunteer in Social & Community Development 

Volunteers help local projects deliver basic services, organise community events and promote sustainable development.  Community Development volunteers are part of a process to build better communities in Jamaica. Our local partner organisation is a community development agency working within Jamaican society to ensure that local people actively participate in and benefit from good governance, economic prosperity, sustainable environment and social well-being. The organisation works in four key areas: Community Development, Research, Sports and Governance.  In the past, our volunteers have organised health fairs and employment workshops, as well as community cricket matches and other bonding activities.

Volunteers in particular are needed to:

Support Local Community Economic Development

Small businesses and local projects frequently fail because they lack support in fundamental business assistance.  V2 volunteers support be helping these communities get their initiative or business off the ground by sharing your business knowledge. Support with basic book keeping and admin, writing reports and creating business plans along with low cost promotion such as setting up social media and helping design business cards is particularly needed.


I chose V2 because it provided a really worthwhile opportunity to work for a governmental development organisation. Also, it was one of the few organisations that works in the Caribbean and going to Jamaica was my dream for a very long time. Also, I chose V2 because of the different approach it has to volunteering, as it aims to combine volunteering and vacation meaning that people not only enjoy the beautiful tropical nature but also contribute to development of people in the country.

Reni Zhelyazkova

Volunteering Roles

Volunteers support organisations whose mandate is to improve the lives of the poorest segments of society. Typically, volunteers organise community events, support social workers, collecting data, deliver workshops and write reports.

If you have a particular skill or experience you would like to develop or give back. Do let us know we are always looking for volunteers that we can match with the needs of local communities and our partner projects.


Volunteers must have completed at least one year of university level education or have an equivalent level experience in teaching, marketing, social work, project management or social sciences. Some of the people we work with can be vulnerable and we have to ensure that they are safe, so all volunteers must obtain a standard Criminal Background Check.