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Support Local Business in Jamaica

Use your skills and knowledge to support local businesses in Jamaica. You will play a crucial role in assisting local business ventures get off the ground, develop and grow. You will be learning about some of the challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face, particularly when living and working in a developing country. You will help bring new ways of thinking and working.

Select from six different project areas to focus on. Allowing you to perfect your skills and support various businesses with similar issues.

Brand Development

Help develop a businesses identity.

Business Planning

Help create businesses plans and proposals. 

Content Creation

Help businesses create engaging content.


Help businesses get the numbers right.

Social Media

Set up or upgrade social media accounts. 

Website Development

Design and develop website for small business.

Support a bUsiness Program

Help us develop business content and innovative resources that will be used to deliver our entrepreneurial accelerator course and building capacity workshops.