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What’s Included?

Orientation, training and support

V2 will provide you with a Welcome Pack containing information about your V2 Experience and three weeks prior to your departure we will host an online webinar, giving you a chance to ask questions.

A full day of training prepares you for your V2 Experience. Topics covered include health, safety and cross-cultural issues, as well as information about the local area where you will be staying. Our local partner organisation will provide orientation and training sessions on arrival. Volunteers will be assigned a mentor or a placement supervisor to help guide them throughout the process and help them feel at home on the island.

Volunteering project

We work closely with our partner organisations to ensure our volunteers are fulfilling a true need of the organisation. Organisations are rigorously vetted to ensure they provide safe and secure working environments. All volunteers are designated a mentor at their placement organisation. The V2 Programme Office regularly checks in with partner organisations to ensure that they are complying with V2 health and safety procedures.

Professional Recommendation letter

Once you have completed your volunteering experience you will receive a reference of professional recommendation from our partner organisation. This letter can be used to show prospective employers not only that you have gained new skills and valuable work experience through your volunteer placement, but also that you are willing to take on something new and to immerse yourself in another culture.


Accommodation is vetted by V2 staff and must adhere to our standards. We regularly meet with all of our host families and we know that they are trustworthy and that they can provide our volunteers with a good experience. Whether you stay with a host family or in a guesthouse depends on your group number, your preference, and availability.  All of our accommodations are clean, safe and comfortable. V2 also assesses the host families to ensure that they are prepared for hosting international volunteers.  We undertake regular inspections before and during each volunteer’s stay. Please note that standards of accommodation may vary across project area and country.


The Caribbean is famous for its cuisine; you will get to try and even learn how to cook these delicious dishes. We cater for all types of dietary requirements and if in the unlikely event Caribbean food is not for you, we can arrange alternative meals. V2 provides you with breakfast and dinner with your host family or at your guesthouse.


We include a number of tours and leisure activities as part of each volunteering experience. These activities vary across each destination and can change depending on the time of year you are travelling. V2 organises excursions to popular attractions and leisure activities that showcase the culture and natural beauty of your destination, whilst economically supporting local business ventures.

Local Staff

Our local V2 volunteer coordinators work to ensure that volunteers are happy with their V2 Experience. Volunteer coordinators are the first port of call for any immediate queries.

In-Country Support

All V2 staff are highly trained and follow V2 best practice procedures. All local V2 staff are readily available and can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are always happy to assist and offer advice with any concerns that may arise during your trip. Read more about V2 Safety and Support. 

Local Language Support

English is the official language of the islands that V2 operates in. V2 will however assist you in adjusting to Jamaican Patois and Tobagonian creole which is commonly used amongst placement communities; our experiences are a fantastic way to learn about vibrant Caribbean dialects.

What’s excluded?

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch