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How to book

How to book a V2 Experience

  1. Complete booking form online
  2. Receive V2 confirmation
  3. Book your flights, insurance coverage and Visa if applicable
  4. Inform the V2 Programme Office of your flights and insurance details
  5. Receive your welcome pack and start your V2 Experience

Payment Methods

Option 1 – Choose your V2 Experience, enter your details, and pay the full amount. Payment confirmation will be sent immediately. You will receive a V2 Welcome pack within 10 days.

Option 2 – Choose your V2 experience, enter your details and pay a 10 percent deposit. You will receive payment confirmation immediately. The remaining balance is due 56 days before your departure.  The V2 Programme Office will invoice for the remaining amount.  Please note that if booked less than 56 days to departure date, payment is due in full.

What happens next?

Once you have received the V2 confirmation, you can then book your return flight to your destination and seek appropriate insurance coverage. If you are not a UK, US, or Canadian citizen, you may require a visa to enter Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Please check with the relevant embassies; more information can be found on our FAQ page.

When you have booked your flights, please send the details of your flight (and visa, if applicable) to the V2 Programme Office and we will arrange for one of our staff members to collect you from the airport.

We will send you a V2 welcome package which will include all the information you need to know about your V2 Experience. We also invite V2 Volunteers to participate in our online webinar designed to brief you and further prepare you for your V2 experience. This is also an opportunity to direct any last minute questions you may have to our V2 team.

After all this you can relax and look forward to starting your V2 Experience!

V2 Terms and Conditions