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The Caribbean has 7,000 islands and 28 nations encompassing mangroves, mountains, forests, beaches and rivers. The scenery is spectacular and the atmosphere is truly tropical. It’s also home to many unique species. The mixture of African, European, Asian and indigenous peoples and influences creates a melting pot of vibrant culture, music and cuisine. Renowned internationally as a tourist hotspot, the region offers visitors sun, sea and sand.

Large all-inclusive resorts dominate the industry, and the sad reality is that most tourists never venture outside the walls of their hotels, much less interact with locals. Despite tourism playing a major role in the economic development of many of the islands, there are still high levels of poverty and inequality; much of the money made by these big resorts does not trickle down to the local people. Everyday life for most people in the Caribbean is far different from that of the glossy pictures presented in travel brochures, and in recent years environmental degradation has become an increasing concern, with several of the regions’ animals being threatened with extinction.

A volunteer vacation is a different way to discover the Caribbean, a unique insight into the reality of the region, and enjoying all it has to offer while giving back. You also get the opportunity to delve deep into local community projects to create a positive impact and gain invaluable insight.