Our Safety and Support Procedure

At V2, we take safety seriously. The V2 team are very well-acquainted with the islands we operate on and the highest priority for our local staff is volunteer safety. Their job is to ensure that risk assessment and health and safety checks are conducted before volunteers are placed. We conduct three main risk assessments:

  • Accommodation
  • Placement organisation
  • Third party providers

Carrying out these assessments helps V2 identify risks and mitigate their impact. These are reviewed after all V2 Experiences and any findings that may impact the success of our operations are addressed.



Volunteers are encouraged to think about their time overseas and how they can adapt to the culture where they will be staying.  The webinar is a chance for volunteers to ask any questions and for us to address any concerns before the adventure begins.

In Country


Volunteers will have a one day orientation session that will cover the following topics:

  • How to adapt to a new culture and understand cultural differences
  • Local knowledge (local amenities, language skills, and embassies & consulates)
  • Personal safety and crime awareness
  • Crisis management, including how to handle medical emergencies, security risks, and natural disasters
  • V2 policies including complaints and code of conduct
  • Specific training for volunteering role

Our Team 

All incidents and emergencies are reported first to the local Volunteer Coordinator and then passed onto the Senior Management Team. At V2, we continuously work to ensure volunteers enjoy their time in Jamaica or Tobago.  Link to team page

Vehicles & Transportation 

V2 outsources transport to third party providers. We have established policies to ensure that all local taxi and bus operators meet our standards.


For safety reasons and for convenience, we provide all V2 volunteers with a mobile phone for use in their destination, which volunteers will be able to top-up. Typically, there is a good signal in both Jamaica and Tobago. V2 volunteers can contact V2 local staff 24 hours a day.

24-hour Support 

All members of the V2 local team are on-call 24/7. This ensures that we can respond to incidents immediately and that our volunteers feel supported and at ease on the islands.


All V2 volunteers must have approved travel insurance coverage. In the unlikely event of an emergency or illness, our local V2 staff will be on hand to assist with hospital arrangements, liaise with insurance providers, and contact next of kin.

Please note that the V2 Experiences are located in developing countries, which carries some degree of risk. Whilst we do our absolute best to anticipate any issues and mitigate any risks to our volunteers, we cannot be held liable for anything that may happen whilst you are on the islands, such as illness or accidents.  Volunteers are expected to be responsible and take care of themselves during their V2 Experience, and we insist that all our volunteers purchase comprehensive travel insurance to protect themselves. In general, the islands are safe for tourists and most stays on the islands are completely without incident. 

Crime and violence in the Caribbean is mostly concentrated in capital cities and urban areas. V2 operates in Jamaica on the north coast (St Mary and St Ann) and in Tobago in a quiet town called Buccoo Bay, these areas are away from capital cities and report very low incidents of crime or violence.  We do ask that our volunteers exercise basic levels of precaution as they would anywhere else in the world, which will be covered extensively at our pre-departure webinar.