V2 Volunteer & Vacation

We are a dynamic team with vast experience working with charities and development organisations. We have extensive local connections in Jamaica and Tobago and we are committed to providing the best experience and service for our volunteers.​

We work closely with our partners and volunteers through a process based on shared principles, collaboration, mutual trust and respect for the environment. We make a positive contribution to the communities served by our programmes at every stage. We also have local staff in both Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago who work with us whenever our programmes take place.

Jade Whyne

Jade Whyne

Founder & Managing Director

Having Caribbean roots, I have always been determined to give back to the region. I have a BA in International Development and an MA in Caribbean and Latin American studies. I also have experience working with NGOs and charities creating and delivering programmes concerned with preventing violence, sexual health, and teaching life skills to local communities and target groups. I founded V2 with the hope of showcasing not only the beauty but also the reality of the Caribbean.

I am responsible for the overall management of the organization, with direct involvement in locating new projects and overseeing volunteer recruitment. I looking forward to seeing you in the Caribbean 🙂

Welcome to V2!

 At V2, we believe in a tourism model that connects visitors with hosts, showcases local heritage and culture, and supports local communities. Our travel experiences appeal to a wide range of people including young professionals, students, and travel groups.

At V2, we offer an alternative holiday experience, one which allows you to explore, engage and immerse into local life. Our local knowledge, training sessions, and 24-hour support enable you to safely discover the Caribbean and Latin American the local way! At the core of each of our experiences are a cultural exchange and community outreach. 

By partnering with local charities, NGOs, schools, animal care, and conservationist organizations in destination countries, we are able to offer meaningful volunteering opportunities to travelers. In turn, volunteers are able to give something back to the places they visit. 


Why V2?

  • Make your time count: We guarantee you roles in areas of need, with local organizations running sustainable projects. All of our projects were created with the intention to assist in practical ways, working with partners who tell us their needs.
  • Skill development through total immersion: You gain practical skills, strengthen your existing skills base, develop adaptability and learning frameworks to function in underfunded environments. Your time is not wasted.
  • A Lifelong Experience: You will make lifelong alliances with colleagues, fellow volunteers and our company, all while serving in underfunded areas of community development. This will be an experience to promote and share!
  • Work & Play: We compliment your active volunteer adventures with dedicated time to relax and explore the island. All of our projects are based in scenic settings- coastal, tranquil countryside or near bustling towns. Get to know your environment, connect with people and take adventures. Go have your experience.
  • Support – Before and during: To get the most out of your time, you need to hit the ground running. We provide essential support before you leave home. Once here, we help with pick up and departure, orientation, and continued on-site support from a  dedicated supervisor at your place of volunteering. We’ve got your back – leaving you to focus on maximizing your time.
  • Legacy building: After your trip, you join the V2 Volunteer Alumni whose positive impact continues at home. Be an advocate in any way you can. From using your social media channels to promote your volunteer charity to your network, to getting physical with fundraising activities. The good doesn’t stop once the plane lands home – we keep that door open with news, developments, and suggestions.